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Cold Jet’s dry ice production equipment produces the purest dry ice available. Our ice production equipment has been specially engineered to produce the highest density extruded dry ice available (pellet, nugget and block). Fully automated, one-button. 24/7 operation.

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Dry ice manufacturing starts with liquid carbon dioxide held under pressure (300 psi) in bulk storage vessels. To begin making dry ice, the liquid C02, is sent through an expansion valve into an empty chamber where under normal atmospheric pressure it flashes into C02 gas. This change from liquid to gas causes the temperature to drop quickly. About 46% of the gas will freeze into dry ice snow. The rest of the C02 gas, is released into the atmosphere or recovered to be used again. The dry ice snow is then collected in a chamber where it is compressed into blocks,  or various sized pellets  to meet customers requirements. The denser the dry ice is, the longer it will last, the easier it is to handle, and the better it will perform when blast cleaning.

There are three major types of dry ice machines. The first is a dry ice block maker. It can produce a 220 pound solid block which is usually cut into four 55 pound blocks about 11 inches cubed. Newer block machines make a 50 pound or even a 10 pound block. Next there are machines that produce pellets from smaller than 1/8 inch for dry ice blast cleaning to 3/4 inch in diameter. Sometimes these machines include additional parts for blast cleaning. There are only about six major manufacturers in the world. Several additional companies manufacture small dry ice makers that connect to a CO2 tank and make 5 to 10 pound blocks of lower density dry ice.

Charles Hyde of CO2 Air Inc. developed a reformer machine to produce custom sizes of dry ice blocks with a pelletizer thus saving many band saw cuts and associated labor.

For a low cost alternative to making dry ice blocks you can make dry ice snow yourself with a CO2 tank and snow horn. See example.  Although it is not very efficient, just open the Snow Horn into a nylon or burlap bag, and then pack the dry ice snow into a container. This dry ice has many uses: for ice chest coolers, quick freezing food products before shipping, shipping frozen products over night, science projects, and many other similar uses for dry ice that give  results comparable to traditional higher density blocks of dry ice. All this without expensive costs of a larger dry ice maker. It will also save on sublimation whenever dry ice is stored, as this produces dry ice only when needed. 

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Tomco2’s newest and technically advanced dual dry ice reformer offers a fully automated way to produce your own dry ice slices.

Offering the BEST in Dry Ice and
CO2 Storage and Manufacturing Equipment for over 40 years
Including 24/7 Technical Support!

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Variety of designs and capacities available
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OLIVO has manufactured insulated containers for more than 30 years and has a current production capacity of over 50 000 containers a year.
The Olivo range is of two formats, ROLL (cabinets with front opening) and BAC (chests with top opening) and is designed for the transport of products under temperature control. Different refrigeration systems are offered, such as eutectic, cryogenic and thermo-chemical systems, allowing the required temperature to be maintained, whether it is chilled or frozen, for a period of 24 hours and more.

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting Inc.
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We are proud to be the Distributors of Triventek equipment.

Rental units and full contracting services.
Including our Live Line and Utility service switch gear cleaning and cleaning power generation equipment.



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China Professional Dry Ice Machine Manufacturer

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Dry Ice Block

China's top contributor in carbon dioxide industry. SINOCEAN offers world most competitive dry ice pelletizer, dry ice slices/block machine, co2 revert recovery system, co2 production plant, dry ice blasting machine, dry ice container and liquid co2 storage tank.



HR11P2 durable transport Shipping container
Sonoco ThermoSafe®, a Sonoco Products company, is the leading global provider of temperature assurance packaging for the safe and efficient transport of dry ice, meats, confectionery products, baked goods, beverages, dairy products, and other perishables. Our shipping solutions mitigate risk for our customers and ensure your products reach their destination with the quality you intended. Our Durable Insulated Transporters reliably maintain critical temperatures for sub-zero, frozen and perishable materials for hours without mechanical refrigeration. These sturdy, insulated containers make storing, transporting and unloading temperature-sensitive materials efficient and worry-free.

Sonoco ThermoSafe
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