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Red-D-Arc Blasterentals
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Stephen Telofski, Manager
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COOL BLAST Equipment Company, Inc.
Authorized Distributor for   
ICEsonic and Phoenix Unlimited LLC

dry ice blasterSINOCEAN
China Professional Dry Ice Machine Manufacturer


Cleaning with cold? Yes, that's right! Cleaning with below freezing dry ice. This new development is quickly expanding around the world. One system uses small hard pellets of dry ice the size of rice shooting them out of a jet nozzle with compressed air. Yet the dry ice is softer than sand or glass beads, so it doesn't spoil the substrata. It works somewhat like sandblasting or high-pressure water or steam blasting, but with different results - often better. The frigid temperature of the dry ice -109.3°F or -78.5°C "exploding" against the material to be removed, causes it to shrink and loose adhesion from its sub surface. Additionally when some of of dry ice penetrates through the material to be removed, it comes in contact with the underlying surface. The warmer sub surface causes the dry ice to convert back into carbon dioxide gas. This gas has 800 times greater volume and spreads out underneath the material which speeds up its removal. Paint, oil, grease, asphalt, tar, decals, soot, dirt, ink, resins, jet exhaust tars, and adhesives, are some of the materials removed by this procedure. Only the removed material must be disposed of, as the dry ice sublimes into the atmosphere. Another system shaves dry ice off a block of dry ice and then sprays it in a wider pattern cleaning faster than sand blasting ever could.

Prior to repainting old corroded flaking surfaces, dry ice blast cleaning is the superior way to both clean and prepare the surface for its new coating. The surface is immediately available to paint - no waiting for drying or dangerous solvents to be removed.

Dry ice blast cleaning is sometimes used for restoration of fire damaged buildings and rooms - successfully removing the  char and smoke damage to wood and other materials.

Many manufacturers find dry ice blast cleaning can be used in-house for  maintaining or cleaning their equipment as often as needed. This results in reduced down time and greater annual production. Of course, an experienced professional contractor can clean your equipment safely and quickly with the least down time.

Start a new business or let your existing business meet more of your customer's needs with dry ice blast cleaning.

Check with experienced professionals to see if this process can help you.

Before purchasing dry ice blast cleaning equipment that may cost anywhere from $15,000 to $45,000 USD, consider renting dry ice blasting equipment. In addition, most companies offer training on the equipment. All this and more is possible through the many professional companies presenting their services and equipment on this web site.

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For Dry Ice Blasting
Jacksonville, Florida

904 278 6503

Smart Blasteer

The Mighty E

Professional Dry Ice Blaster
Can use average shop air

The future of cleaning is here

Email: sales@icesonic.co

Universal Dry Ice Blasting
Service to  Hydroelectric Power, Steam and Gas Turbine, Switchgear, and HRSG Units.
24 Yrs. experience

ASCO Nanojet
ASCO Nanojet

ASCO meets t
he demand for efficient, yet gentle cleaning process by launching a new generation of dry ice blasting machines starting with the Nanojet.
It has been specifically developed for the plastics industry yet suitable for many applications in a wide range of manufacturing. The engineering team has integrated a pellet grinder which crushes the dry ice pellets into finest dry ice particles. By cleaning with crushed pellets
the amount of dry ice and compressed air are reduced, therefore
less energy is needed making it more economical and reducing the noise level.

US office: Jacksonville, Florida

904 278 6503

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Nationwide High Pressure CO2 Blasting Contractors & Equipment Sales
New Technology in Cleaning

Serving all of your cleaning needs

Phone: 906-864-2421

• Surface preparation  • Industrial cleaning
• Industrial painting   • Mold remediation
• Fire restoration   • Industrial stripping
• Decontamination • Surface sanitizing




Jacksonville, Florida

We are a global company that offers
complete solutions for CO2 and dry ice.

Phone: 904 278 6503
Email: ascojet@ascoco2.com
Web Site: http://www.ascoco2.com/


Wickens Dry Ice Blasting

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting Inc.
8199 Esquesing Line
Milton, Ontario, Canada

Web site: http://www.wickensdryiceblasting.com

Alberta location:
 355 MacAlpine Crescent
 Fort McMurray, AB T9H 4Y4

Web site: http://westerndryiceblasting.com/

E-mail: info@wickensdryiceblasting.com

Wickens is a Full service dry ice company offering contract cleaning services at your location or ours, equipment sales and complete rental packages.We are proud to be the Distributors of Triventek equipment

Triblast-2, single hose blaster, the most versatile dry ice blaster available anywhere and the portable Pelletizer and Recovery system allowing affordable dry ice ‘on tap’.

Check out the Wickens APU250, a dryer designed for dry ice blasting contractors!

Sutton-Garten Co.

901 N Senate Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Telephone: 264-3236
Fax: 317 264 3233

Hr Week: 7:30a  - 5:00 pm
Hr Sun: By appointment
Delivery Hr Sat: By appointment

Rental CO2 Blast Systems available

High Quality Fresh Dry Ice Produced Locally

**Our 90th Year of Service**

Web Site: www.suttongarten.com

E-mail: weld@suttongarten.com

Cold Jet, LLC

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Equipment
Worldwide Sales & Service

Corporate Headquarters:

455 Wards Corner Road
Loveland, Ohio 45140 USA
+1 513-831- 3211

+1 800-337- 9423


Web Address: http://www.coldjet.com/ 

COOL BLAST Equipment Company, Inc.

Cool Blast Equipment Co. Inc.

6952 Montgomery Rd
Lake Wylie, SC

Dry ice blasting contract services, machine sales, and rentals.  Serving the industrial, commercial and restoration marketplace throughout the US.

803 831 1746
770 456 5997

Web Site: www.dryiceblastingusa.com

Authorized Distributor for   
ICEsonic and Phoenix Unlimited LLC


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World’s Largest Rental Inventory

For more information please visit www.red-d-arc.com/iceblast
or reach out to one of our dry ice blasting specialists:

Steve Telofski:   Eastern US 732-447-5759 stephen.telofski@airgas.com
Ken Krefting:     Central US 815-245-9413 ken.krefting@airgas.com
Dennis Barfuss: Western US 801-389-4786 dennis.barfuss@airgas.com

Follow us on Twitter for application topics and product updates: @Blasterentals1

Stephen Telofski, Blasting & Portable Air Products Manager

*Universal Dry Ice Blasting
Universal Dry Ice Blasting
Apple Valley, CA 92307

Phone: 760 525-8390

web site: universaldryiceblasting.com/

 Email: torie@universaldryiceblasting.com

We are a Nationwide Dry Ice Blasting Service Contractor located in Southern California. We have 24 years of Dry Ice Blasting experience in the Industrial and Power Generation field. Our team of Dry Ice Blasting Specialists can be on your site in 24 to 48 hours for Emergency Response. Please contact us with any questions.


Smart Blasteer
     The Mighty EICEsonic IPS100
Blasters to meet your needs AND a reformer that converts block to pellets and recycles old dry ice.

Website: www.icesonic-usa.com

Email: sales@icesonic.com


Sinocean Industrial Limited

China Professional Dry Ice Machine Manufacturer

No. 238 South Tongbai Road, Zhengzhou city, China, 450000

 Tel: +86 158 3716 8959

Email: info@sinocean.com.cn

Skype: yanghai2010



China's top contributor in carbon dioxide industry. SINOCEAN offers the worlds most competitive dry ice pelletizer, dry ice slices/block machine, dry ice blasting machine, dry ice container and liquid co2 storage tank.

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